Business plan 2023

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Our strategic goals and visions

The business plan gives you a look into our strategic goals and visions for 2023. It is a digital publication containing general information about Aarhus Vand and videos with key persons. Therefore, the pages linked to on this page contains additional information to what is stated in the digital publication.

CEO, Lars Schroeder, about Aarhus Vand's 2023

Chief of Innovations, Karsten Lumbye, about business creation in Aarhus Vand

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"We have an obligation to bring our inventions and good ideas out to the rest of the world"

- Karsten Lumbye, Chief of Innovations

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COO, Claus Homann, about our role as a water ambassador and -innovator

Mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard, about the potential of Danish water technology

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"It is going to take a huge will of investment to develop Water Valley Denmark and The Spring"

- Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor of Aarhus Municipality

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Karina Topp about climate adaptation in Aarhus Vand

Flemming Besenbacher about Water Valley Denmark and The Spring

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"Danish water technology is doing great, but there is a huge potential to bring it out to the world"

- Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Board at Aarhus Vand & Vice Chairman at Water Valley Denmark

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