Intelligent, sustainable and efficient water solutions

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Take a look at our different collaborations that supports our vision of creating health through the supply of clean water.
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Roles and engagement

Our purpose is to spread national solutions to the world and bring new knowledge back home. We do this in the roles of water ambassador, water supplier and water innovator.
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We work with climate, groundwater, energy optimization and smart cities. Feel free to be inspired.
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A local water company with a global vision

The purpose of Aarhus Vand is to create health through the supply of clean water — to the population and the planet. Our vision is to create a national platform as a driver for local and global solutions for a healthier water cycle.

Our work with the Sustainable Development Goals

Social responsibility and sustainability are deeply rooted in our corporate culture as a part of our core business.

Supporting the SDG's has become a requirement for our development of new products and services as well as our work on the global stage and we are proud to be the first water company in the world to achieve a certification in the SDG's.
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Business Plan 2024

Ambitions for 2024 are sustainability, growth and how to create an attractive workplace. Watch videos on eg. our new upcoming treatment and resource facility that will contribute to a healthier and better marine environment in Aarhus Bay. See the Business Plan 2024 with videos, interviews and articles:

Aarhus River Project

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Aarhus ReWater - building the resource plant of the future

Aarhus ReWater is a new and groundbreaking way to treat wastewater. The vision is to create the world's most resource-efficient treatment plant.

The goal is to convert wastewater into energy and products, which is why we also call it a resource facility. Eventually, we should be able to extract products that can be further processed into high-value items such as proteins and biopolymers.
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Our work

Clean water is a scarce resource, but if we manage it properly, it has infinite potential to ensure the future well-being of people and the planet both globally and locally.

Together with our partners, we create health for people and the planet through the supply of clean water.
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